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We are Beans on Toast Marketing Ltd. We don’t make a meal out of your marketing. We focus on the market you are in. We communicate with the market about your product/service to generate interest in it. We provide a tailored marketing solution for your business.

We do this by using the art of simplicity. This focuses on preparation being key(Benjamin Franklin said it best. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”​), we have a passion for marketing and focus delivering the highest quality of opportunities for your business.

We position our clients in front of their demographic, providing them time to build relationships to benefit the business’​ pipeline and giving them the opportunity to close new business off. Our main aim is ROI(return on Investment) because at the end of the day keeping your business thriving is going to benefit both parties.

We specialise in social media marketing, digital marketing and telemarketing.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, we can tailor something around your business and provide a conveyor belt of business and fill up your pipeline with new business opportunities. We already have experience direct marketing in the many sectors get in touch to find out which ones.

We will be the best marketing company in the U.K by making sure the fundamentals are set up correctly. Keeping it simple and focusing on the return on investment for our client. How we make sure we can deliver such a bespoke experience and amazing results is our hunger to keep learning and instil the passion of our director(Sean Matica) into each of our marketers.

We are also offering benchmark campaigns. We do this is a concept proving exercise to show you that our marketing machine works. We know it does, but we want to make sure you see it for yourself before we start agreeing long term contracts.

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